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We pride ourselves in offering quality and integrity in our work in the fight against Fraud and Corruption in our Country.

About Us


Peyper Advisors was established in 2007, throughout the years our vision changed into that of a Forensic firm whereafter our company was renamed to Peyper Forensics. Our firm is situated in Bloemfontein and Sandton which include an outstanding group of attorneys. We conduct investigations in all 9 Provinces of South Africa. Our team at Peyper Forensics is highly qualified and experienced individuals. We recently appointed three highly experienced Forensic Investigators to our team. We aim to assist our clients with any need they may have for Forensic Services.

We pride ourselves in offering quality and integrity in our work in the fight against Fraud and Corruption in our Country.

Our core team members are accredited members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners (ICFP) and adhere to their ethical values.

Our work ethos is the building of personalised professional relationships with our business partners and clients. We believe there is no substitute for great service, and this combined with close working relationships should create a favourable and lasting impression.

We have a keen Business Team that have many years’ experience in the industry and have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet our client’s expectations.

We strongly believe in providing outstanding client service, in terms of convenience and speed.  Our team of forensic investigators are always prepared to travel to accommodate everyone. Our offices remain open throughout all holiday periods and we see clients on weekends whenever it is necessary. Turn-around times are very important to us when it comes to service our clients.

We also have a great administrative team attending to the effectiveness of our business. Furthermore, have our own Training Facility. We are broadening our involvement in the community with a small upliftment training program, a project which we intend to extent in the near future.



Our team of forensic investigators have extensive experience in fact finding investigations with specific skills to assist you were needed

Due Diligence

We can assist you in obtaining a better understanding of the companies or individuals that you do business with.

Lifestyle audits

Determining whether an individual is living beyond their means or has income from unknown sources. We follow a specialised methodology as guided by the ACFE to determine an individual’s net worth.

Fraud Risk management

Preventing fraud is more cost effective than detecting fraud. We assist our clients to form a strong foundation with regular fraud risk assessments and policy reviews. We can also conduct training with employees to ensure they understand the company policies as well as to identify red flags of fraud or corruption and how to report it.

IT forensics and data analytics

Our team has the relevant experience to obtain and analyze electronic evidence in a way that the information will be admissible in a court of law. We use some of the industries leading tools to secure evidence and analyze and report on electronic evidence obtained during the investigation.

We also perform data analytics on financial data to identify red flags in order to prevent and detect fraud.

Whistle Blowers Hotline

Our team of experienced investigators personally respond to whistleblowers calls.  We offer a range of options to blow the whistle, from 24/7 toll free secure lines to secure and anonymous online whistleblowing platforms.

Furthermore, we offer whistle blower response and preliminary investigations. Assist clients to comply with protected disclosures act.

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